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Prossper manufactures exceptional quality fabrics and garments with the awareness of the constantly evolving trends and market preferences depending on the time lapse. Prossper initiates and engages with the current trends to stay up - to - date in the market to produce garments of high quality with cutting - edge technology equipment to curate garments of style and comfort. Our Infrastructure is designed to meet the ever - growing standards and trends of the fashion world with Necessary machineries, strength in manpower and innovation to satisfy our buyer's.

Prospper aspires to make fashion enthralling with mind - blowing and innovative designs and bring life to stylish and elegant clothing by adjoining hands with comfort.

Prospper is well - structured with 6 state - of - the - art sophisticated facilities and empowered employees to produce High-Quality and comfortable clothing.

Prospper brings life to 6,00,000 stylish and stunning garments designed with innovation, comfort and elegance in a month to meet the current and constantly growing trends with 650 leading-edge technology machines.

Prospper produces up to 10,000 unique T-shirts, 5000 Tracksuits and 3000 other multiple products in a day using Barudan embroidery machine, In - House MHM and Table Printing Machine and Knitting Machinery to be precise and outstanding with intricate and original designs, prints and patterns to sway the hearts of the customers with happiness and satisfaction.

Yarn Selection

Every single thread is refined to be compatible with the market needs to design colourful and comfortable garments. We choose Yarn of the finest quality to produce unique and elegant garments that are rich and irreplaceable in quality and integrity.

We use exceptional quality yarn to weave our elite and premium fabrics to ensure that our audiences are exposed to class and elegance from the first touch.

Every single thread in the yarn is chosen and woven with mindfulness and determination since prossper exports kids, men and women's wear to the global markets.

Knitting Process

In Prossper, we are well - known for our exceptional knitting standards that are much appreciated and welcomed by our customers in the global markets.

We specialise in Pyjama sets, T-shirts, Kidswear and other quality products that are specifically designed with textured fabrics like Pique, Jersey, French Terry and other fabrics that screams comfort and elegance.

Our efficient employees are capable of producing up to 5 tonnes of garments to meet the market requirements and needs for quality clothing in various styles.


Our Dyeing division ensures innovation and unique garment designs are on point, and ready to create a revolution with trendy and stylish clothes.

We curate and create quality dyeing designs for our garments to Initiate trends in the market.

We thoroughly utilise our extremely High - Equipped Dyeing machines that have the capacity to handle 15 - 20 tonnes of fabrics in a day.

We aspire to bring colours in our buyer's lives with our finest, trendiest and colourful clothes and fabrics that are designed specifically to make you feel at home.

Controlling the pollution is our utmost concern so we have employed Zero Discharge Systems to eliminate pollution and safeguard the environment.


We ensure that our High - Equipped Serkon automatic fabric cutting machine is precise and accurate in cutting standards. 30,000 garments go through cutting process every single day in Prossper.

Our cutting machinery enables our fabrics an elegant and finished look at the end of the process.

Every single fabric that undergoes the cutting process returns with clear cut and precisely perfect change in their looks.

Our team is resourceful in designing garments with accuracy and efficiency right from choosing the perfect fabric to cutting them into perfection.


Our Printing division is fortified with 5 screen printing machines that are capable of handling more than 15,000 pieces per day.

We utilise our Highly Equipped Machineries to produce best printing designs. With our nearly two decades of printing expertise, we have worked with many intriguing prints that have mesmerized the fashion market.

We follow stringent printing processes for Discharge Quality, Non PVC Quality, Glitter Quality, Flock Quality and Foil Quality.


In Prossper, the garmenting division is equipped with 650 state - of - the - art sewing machineries to accompany the production of 6,00,000 units of garments per day.

Our Garmenting unit is filled with inquisitive and highly efficient employees who are eager to produce fashionable and dashing garments.

Our creative team is exceptionally skilled and innovative in designing garments with impeccable quality and style.

We consider Garmenting as an art and manufacture every single garment as our masterpiece in Prossper.


Quality - A culture imbibed within prospper Garments!

We believe in a " No - Compromise " approach towards Quality in all our endeavors, across all heirarchy of our Talented workforce.